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National Beaver Challenge 2015

From Conor Q

Can Beavers light fires? Yes they can!
Can Beavers construct Tripods? Yes they can!
Can Beavers tie knots? Yes they can!
Can Beavers do First Aid? Yes, they can!
Can Beavers have fun? OF COURSE THEY CAN!

This year, we planned to run the first ever National Beaver Challenge. This was to acknowledge the work and effort that Beavers and their Scouters are putting into the ONE Programme and the adventure skills in particular.

Each Scout County was invited to run a County Qualifier. The top 2 teams on the day would then go forward to represent their County at a Provincial Final. These finals were to take place simultaneously in 6 locations nationwide – Beavers being active and challenged nationally all on the same day!! The winners of each Provincial final would be recognised as part of the National Winners.

This Spring saw Scout Counties rallying the troops and many fantastic County Qualifiers were held for their Beaver Colonies. It was fantastic to see Beavers being supported and recognised by their Scouting Peers to such an extent. Colonies worked hard preparing and training and the reports coming back from each County illustrates how well the adventure skills are being received by Beavers and their Scouters. Of course, there’s always room for fun and games and all the challenges incorporated this element in all the activities.

Unfortunately, due to a series of unfortunate events and a number of personal circumstances among multiple members of the National Beaver Programme Team, the very tough decision was taken to cancel the National Finals. This decision was not taken lightly and all options were exhausted before this decision was reached. It was strongly felt that it was better to reschedule the event for next year rather than run it this year in less than ideal circumstances and it not live up to expectations.

We acknowledge and appreciate the huge amount of work which Colonies and Scout Counties put into taking part in this challenge. That work will not be wasted as your Beavers have learnt so much along the way. A specially commissioned plaque was offered to each Scout County for each of the two qualifying teams who would have gone forward to the National Challenge in their Province. It is the hope of Chief Commissioner (Youth Programme) and the Programme Commissioner (Beaver Scouts) that this will go some way towards ensuring the momentum created by all this year is carried over to 2016 and also to acknowledge the support and understanding which the Team has received since having to cancel the National Finals. The plaques will be delivered to the relevant Counties in the next few weeks.

Next year promises to be even bigger and better!! The event will be going ahead in the Spring/early Summer (date tbc at the moment) so start planning your County Qualifiers and remember…can Beavers take on National Challenges? YES THEY CAN!

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