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Group Leader Calendar for June

With Summer and the camping season fast approaching it’s time to ensure that all Sections have completed their programmes, menus etc for their Expeditions, Annual Camps and Overnights and have submitted them to the County and National Office as appropriate.

It is also a good idea to start planning in June for reopening in September.

  • You should review your waiting lists bearing in mind how many Scouts will be transferring from one Section to another. Contact parents/guardians of potential new members to confirm they are still interested and let them know when you are starting up again.
  • Meet with Scouters to check their availability for the next Scouting year. Carry out Mutual Agreement and Review so you have everything in place for September.
  • This is also the time to review your Scouter numbers to ensure you can accommodate any new intake of young people and cover for any Scouters who may have left or will be leaving to go off to college or work outside of your area.
  • Check out local events, get involved in these as it is a great way to promote Scouting in your Community.
  • Begin the process of recruiting new Scouters if necessary. Getting involved in Community Events and getting out and being seen during the bright fine evenings is a good way to attract new members.
  • Ensure all Sections carry out a One Programme review before they finish for the Summer.
  • Ask all Sections to complete a broad outline of their plans for the next Scouting year over the Summer months.
  • Have a Group BBQ, invite parents, members and Scouters and just have FUN.
  • GET OUT – hold your meetings outside, have a treasure hunt around your local area, visit the local park and make use of any natural amenities to put the OUT in Scouting.

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