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73rd Raheny Group Camp

73rd Raheny Scout Group held their 3rd Group Camp on the May Bank Holiday weekend with 120 youth members from Beavers through to Rovers staying at Collon Campsite in Co. Louth. The Group Camp is held every 3 years and aims to bring all sections together.

73rd Pic1Beavers-we have been building on our Beavers camping for almost 6 years now and this has culminated in all Beavers camping for 2 nights at the Group Camp. Further to this the older Beavers slept out in hammocks which was a real highlight for them!

Our Cubs camped for 3 nights, old hat for them at this stage. Cubs also took the opportunity to try out the hammocks while their days were filled with bases included backwoods cooking, archery, woggle and neckerchief making, orienteering, pioneering and fun relay races.

Pioneering work was done by the Scout sections to build and set up wash stations and prepare parts of the site in advance of the camp. The camp was a huge success despite a very cold start to the weekend with temperatures close to freezing and a dusting of snow on the tents as they were set up.

73rd Pic3Our Ventures were also very active, undertaking every base with enthusiasm and fun and providing the comedy that only Ventures can provide. Unfortunately exams prevented many of our Rovers attending but they were represented by 4 very enthusiastic young leaders and their energy and fun was felt across the camp.

All activities provided were done so by our excellent team of leaders across all sections. The food was a major hit with everyone for the weekend and the team who ran with this for us must really take pride in feeding 150 people and making them very happy. The backwoods element to our programme really shone through with kids eating backwoods homemade apple pie, beef jerky, pizzas from a bin oven as well as camp donuts and camp cones.

Thanks to all involved in the camp. It was a camp that will live in the memories of those attending for many years to come. I think the campfire songs will continue to be sung in homes across Raheny for some time to come.

73rd Pic2

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