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Hey Jinks 2016 brings in over 600 Cub Scouts, Brownies and Briginies

The annual event for junior members of Scouting and Guiding known as Hey Jinks was held in Farran Woods last Saturday.  Organised by the Cork Scout and Guide committee the event is very popular with the age group from 8 to 12 years old in the three organisations.  Participants from the Cub Scouts of Scouting Ireland along with the Brownies of the Catholic Guides of Ireland and the Briginies from the Irish Girl Guides all mingle together for a fun packed day.

The fact that in parts the ground was quite soft added to the fun and laughter with plenty of muddy faces and no one seems to mind getting wet on the slippery slope.  Each section was given a map on arrival and they followed of sixteen different bases.  Some were just fun but quite a number were challenging as well.  For the lunchtime break whilst all had brought a packed lunch there was still a snack pack for everyone along with soup, tea or coffee for leaders as well.

Great credit must be given to the organising committee for all the work that was put in before hand and getting so many personal to staff all the bases. The photographs on this page just give a small glimpse of the fun and enjoyment that was had by all the participants.

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