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Lee Valley Scouts push their skills

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LEE VALLEY COUNTY SMILES – Scouts Anthony Walsh, Ryan Durkin, Alan Hodgins and James Kelleher photographed at part of the Lee Valley County Activity Day at Awesome Walls.

Last Sunday saw a lot of activity within Lee Valley County with the scout sections taking part in a full day’s activity based at the Bishopstown Scout Hall, Murphy’s Farm and Awesome Walls.  Whilst the weather was a little dampish, the scout skills bases whilst simple in some respects were very good with many of the young scouts taking part in such activities for the first time.  They learn’t as they went along and all had a go of being able to start a fire from flint.  Going on to cook a slice of apple or banana backwoods style in tinfoil on an open fire.  Tent pitching with one of the scouts being blind folded added to the laughs and enjoyment along with the use of compass and pegging out compass bearings just to mention a few.  The total group was divided in two with half going to awesome walls in the morning and half in the afternoon.  The facility there is extremely good with an excellent staff.  The co-ordinators of the day were Kristjan Amann and Jack O’Sullivan.

The knowledge of the Beaver Scouts of the Lee Valley County was being tested at an annual table quiz hosted by the Blarney Scout group and co-ordinated by Barry Crowley.  There was very good participation and what was nice about it was the fact of tables being made up of Beaver Scouts from different colonies.

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