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17th Galway Gort Scout Group plant over one hundred trees

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Gort Scout Group plant over 100 Oak saplings in Coole Park!

On Sunday 26th February this year, despite torrential rain, members of the 17th Galway – Gort Scout Group planted 110 oak saplings in one of the recently clear felled areas in Coole Park.
The saplings were nurtured from acorns collected locally in 2013 and the Gort Scout Group eagerly agreed to spend a wet Sunday planting them.
Raymond Stephens from The National Parks and Wildlife Service (who also happens to be the Beaver Section Leader!) gave a demonstration to all the 40+ volunteers on how to plant a sapling with a protective shelter and stake.
Every section was well represented with Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Scouters all mucking in (literally!)
As a group we utilise Coole Park extensively and have developed a good relationship with the National Parks and Wildlife Service over the years and we all felt this was a wonderful opportunity to give something back to our beloved forest park.
The clear felling of large sections of Coole Park, although necessary, was a big change for many locals including our Scout Group and we hope that in the years to come we can help nurture these oak trees and be a part of their long term future.
We finished the day off with a Barbeque of sausages cooked by our chairman Darren Hardiman (who also happens to be Head Chef in The Lady Gregory Hotel – see a pattern developing here?) and a short ceremony where some of our scouters received well deserved adult awards.
It was really inspiring to see so many youth members happily giving back to their community and environment. This one afternoon covered every SPICE and was enjoyed by everyone from our youngest Beaver to our oldest Scouter. Well Done to All.

All photos © Nadine Reichel used with permission.


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