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Future Forests – Operation Bluebell

Future Forests tree planting at Lough Dan scout Eco-Park
On the weekend of the 4th & 5th of March over 500 native trees were planted at Lough Dan campsite on the hillside we are returning to Native Woodland. Scout groups from all over County Wicklow and further afield took part. During the year we have kept an eye on the saplings planted last year and noticed that there are some places with high densities of bluebells. Normally these grow under the shade of mature trees and flower in April & May just before the oak leaves in the canopy darkens the forest floor below. From the ground flora we can assume that this area was once a dense forest which was cleared to make way for rough pasture. Sheep farming was abandoned here over 50 years ago and in the intervening time bracken, brambles and gorse have encroached obscuring the magnificent floor of bluebells from view. The 800 scouts of all ages planted their native trees amongst the bluebells to re-create that canopy layer which will produce shade causing the brambles and ferns to dieback revealing the bluebells in all their splendour. We constructed a woodland path through this area so you can enjoy this spectacle of colour every spring.

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