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Route Card Competition

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The Hillwalking Team are having an open competition to design the very best route card.

Route Cards. Which one is the Best! Everyone has a favourite
Let’s have a competition to design the very best Route Card.
A Brief;
Intended users; will be a lone patrol of Scouts / Ventures on Irish hills for the weekend.
Sometimes it’s not how much stuff you can cram on a page but knowing what things to leave out is.
Should it be a single side or double side? that’s up to you.
Maybe one side of an A4 is the working side and the other has some necessary information, what goes on either side is up to you
If not enough space the user can just print out more of the working side. This is open to EVERYONE,
End date is 30th June’17. Send all your entries to hillwalking@scouts.ie
There will be a prize.

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