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Charlie Mc Guinness – Running for the post of National Secretary

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Charlie Mc Guinness

What position are you running for and why?

I am standing for election for the position of National Secretary, because I know I have the experience and commitment to undertake that role for all the members of Scouting Ireland. Equally I believe in democracy and its role in all our lives, but especially in the lives of our youth members and I offer a choice in this election, which is the essence of democracy.

What do you plan to achieve in your term in the Role?

Firstly, if elected, as your National Secretary I will ensure that we the Association will be compliant in the areas of governance and best practice. That this will deliver tangible and proven results for Scouting but most important of all will support Scouting locally in Groups and Counties.

Secondly, if elected, I will play my part in my role as your National Secretary to deliver the strategy of Scouting Ireland that will support and sustain Scouting both now and into the future. Ultimately I want to create and sustain opportunities, that I had, which will allow more and more young people and adults to experience Scouting.

Thirdly and while not technically within the remit of the National Secretary, but if elected, such is within my ability and as a member of the NMC, I want to support our next national Jamboree, Jambo Rí 2018, be a success, which will in turn resource and support Scouting Ireland delivering the World Scout Moot here in Ireland in 2021, as well as the overall development of Scouting Ireland.

Identify one challenge currently facing Scouting Ireland and a potential solution to this challenge?

We as a society have experienced great change over the past number of years. This has led in our case to much more statutory responsibilities and codes of governance being placed upon associations, companies and charities, of which Scouting Ireland is all three and is therefore required to comply with. The ability of legislation to change custom and practice, is significant, equally too such legislation can and is reviewed by society and those who pass such legislation. I hope that Scouting Ireland and its members will play their part in any such review of legislation, including via the Charities Regulators.

Lastly anything else you would like to say to the Membership?

Lots and lots but I won’t, instead I’ll close by thanking you for reading about me and
hope that I can secure your support in the election at National Council on
the 8th of April this year.

If elected, I undertake to do my best to uphold that support by serving all members of
Scouting Ireland as your National Secretary.

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