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Kieran Mc Cann – Running for the Post of Provincial Commissioner Northern Province

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Kieran Mc Cann

What position are you running for and why?

I am running for the post of provincial commissioner for the Northern Province. My reason for running is that I have held the post for 3 years and would like a second term. The reason why I would like a second term is that while we accomplished a lot in our province there is some unfinished business. It would be unfair for me to leave this to a new Provincial commissioner and would like the opportunity to see this work completed.

What do you plan to achieve in your term in the Role?

We recently reviewed our 3 year plan for the province. Successes would include our youth team and how well they work, our recent inspection by the Eti , our provincial camp at Gosford, and growth of groups and sections to name but a few. Our plan going forward is to continue with the remainder of our old plan and implement our new plan.

Identify one challenge currently facing Scouting Ireland and a potential solution to this challenge?

The biggest challenge facing our groups at the minute is the successful registration with CCNI and the Education authority. My aim would be to accomplish this in as smooth a way as possible for the groups. The implementation of our new training scheme , provision of a provincial seminar, increasing support for our young people and increasing access to the Chief scouts award. These are my goals for this term.

Lastly anything else you would like to say to the Membership?

I have been a scout since I was 8 years old. It is such a privilege and an honour to serve my province and our organisation. I am extremely proud of the fact that I am in an all Ireland organisation. It has been an honour to get to know so many of our young people and adults alike. All I can do is promise to do my best. To live by the Scout law and to continue to work hard for this great organisation.

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