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Hillwalking Upper Level Badges

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There are a few changes to the Adventure Skill Hillwalking Badges.
All the levels 6, 7, 8 & 9 will no longer be sold in any of the Scout Shops.
Below is the ONLY avenue to source a badge

What happens now is you have your assessment as normal; the formally approved assessor has the cert book and will give you a cert to say you have passed the assessment.

1) Send by email a copy of the cert to hillwalking@scouts.ie
2) Give the actual paper Cert to your Group Leader for your Group Records
3) Pay the PayPal invoice that will be sent to your email address
4) The price of the badge is €3.50 This includes all costs
5) Provide the information on the invoice. This is needed for the Hill skills data Base
You will have to email this information separately
6) Include your postal address for us to post the badge to you
7) Sew the badge on your uniform

The information needed for the database is:
You’re Scout Group,
You’re Scout Province,
Are you with a National Team eg, MPC or Sionnach, Camping,
Your email address,
Have you passed BOS MSA or MLA,
If you have any Train the Trainer,
Any LNT qualification,
Any First Aid qualification,
If you’re willing to become an assessor,

If you have any difficulties just email hillwalking@scouts.ie and we’ll get straight back to you

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