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Last weekend the Cub Scouts of the 102nd Cork (Kilbrittain) camped out at Barleycovewhile the Scout Troop had a weekend of activities at Oysterhaven.  The Cub Scout camp formed part of the cubs doing their Chief Scout Award involving a 2 night intercultural camp. The camp was ‘planned’ with the leaders and the 11 cub scouts back in March, this year.

However, the plan was to include all the remaing section on the 2nd day – Saturday 27th as many of the new cub scouts (Turas) would not have experienced an overnight camp, away from home.


The intercultural theme, which was democratically voted for at one our meetings was for ‘Austrailia’ and so the cub scouts and leaders planned the weekend around learning, playing games etc.. on Oz.   Games and tasks, e,g wood collecting, preparing lunch were all based around   ‘team building’ which the leaders feel is very much part of the  values and fundamentals of the Scout movement itself.


For the Cub Scout camp at Barleycove  Michael Varian, leader reported that all arrived safely at 7p.m at Barleycove on Friday evening. Michael along with his co leader Gail Martin, 11 Chief Scouts (Tagann) and 1 other cub who had achieved his CSA, last year.  He said “Pitched up our 12 man dinning shelter as the weather had started to turn nasty. All gear in, dry and wet gear on to pitch the cub scout and leaders tents. (pre-planned) Pizzas and wedges given as a treat for dinner. The Cub Scouts worked so well under torrential rain and high winds – even re-pegging tents throughout the night. Approx. 5am the rain and winds eased. I did my 10 mile pre-marathon run as you do after a stormy night and on my return the cub scouts were still up waiting for breakfast – so not much sleep was got! However, weather vastly improved, the sun stuck it’ s head out for the first time and the 12 cub scouts still managed to get the entire camp ready for the remaining cub scouts who were due to arrive, e.g boundary, erect a flagpole, altar fire, kitchen area, dining tents etc…”


“At 11am remaining cub scouts (Turas & Taisteal) arrived along with Leaders Sean Hurley, Jack Reardon and Doireann O’Riordan. They were very pleased to arrive to see a fully functioning and very pretty setup site. The Cub Scouts who just arrived set up their on tents including an Icelandic tent as part of their Stage1 and 2 camping”


“The opening ceremony at 12noon, included the camp rules, camp plan (all setup on a notice board) and issuing of camp t-shirts. Games played included ‘Auzzie rules foot golf’, ‘Bondi beach sandcastles’, ‘raft building to Kangaroo island and supervised swimming was permitted at Gally cove”


“Dinner was an ‘Auzzie’ themed Bar B Q and the evening crafts included ‘Aborigional stone painting’. Plenty of downtime at the site included football, volleyball, playground and indoor table tennis. Sunday morning after breakfast, the cub scouts cleaned out tents and packed their rucksacks, followed by downtime. Tents were left up to air. Tents packed later followed by lunch, fruit and treats. Birthday boy, Dara Ryan was surprised by a cake and signed card by all the cub scouts.  A great banter closing ceremony included a camp review, discussion of games (who won the sandcastlecomp…) , things learned about Austrailia and taking down of the flag. Cub Scout of the camp to be announced at our next meeting. Time for a final ‘leave no trace’ of the site, complete packing trailer and parents collection at 2:30pm. Back in Kilbrittain for 4:30 p.m.  The memories are made off these weekends and some of the photographs bring it all back to life and will put in the log book to be able to look back on in decades to come”


In the meantime the scouts of the troop aged 12, 13 and 14 went to Oysterhaven and their weekend was based around water activities.  Instruction and preparation had gone on at the weekly troop meeting in the weeks beforehand concentrating on the use of paddles but mainly on safety both on and off the water.  However on the first morning there was more indept instruction on safety.  One of the scout leaders Imelda Hurley said she did not want to take from the Cub Scout weekend as the scout troop get enough publicity both at local and National events.  They achieved a Gold standard at last years ‘Phoenix’ All-Ireland Scoutcraft competitions.

AUSTRALIAN THEME FOR CUB SCOUT CAMP – Cub Scouts from the 102nd Cork (Kilbrittain) who had an Australian theme for their cub scout camp at Barleycove.
-Pic…Michael Varian

CUB SCOUTS ENJOY BARLEYCOVE – Cub Scouts from the 102nd Cork (Kilbrittain) pack enjoying the activities on Barleycove beach which included a sandman competition.
-Pic…Michael Varian

AT BARLEYCOVE – Cub Scouts from the 102nd Cork (Kilbrittain) photographed on their weekend camp held at Barleycove. From left, Zack Allen, Ruairi Hogan , Conor Gillen, Patrick Moloney and Gerard Gillen.
-Pic…Michael Varian

KILBRITTAIN SCOUTS AT OYSTERHAVEN – Scouts from the 102nd Cork (Kilbrittain) all geared up to go on the water at the Oysterhaven water activities centre.
-Pic…Sinead Moloney

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