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Caribbean Adventure on the high seas

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On the May Bank Holiday Castle cub pack, 5th Carlow/Carlow Town Scout Group set sail on our Caribbean Adventure camp. On the high seas the weather forecast wasn’t great, still getting colder at night, so we forgo or plan to sleep outside under the stars. Our motley crew was made up de Capt’in & 4 officers and 24 ‘yun 1’s stil in short trousers. We anchored on the Island of Graiguenamanagh Den foraging for food. Searched high n low for treasure wit none to be found n natives in hidin. With sad tired spirits we hung d hammocks inside d den with a chaw or two o’ tales o’ d scurvy n slept like babes. With d dawn we was up n out, first to bury any treasure we had for safe keeping, d capt’n keeping d map close to his chest. D cook egged d cubs to dig holes for pit ovens, start’n the fires all smoky n sweet. Wen it was hot n ready, placed some o’ d new sprouts(spuds) n apple coddle (baked apple) n covered dem up. Cook showed d ung 1’s how to place corn in the fire lit for heat. D Capt’n saw fit to show how to handle a knife, saw n axe; n how to pass dem around wit out loosing a finger. D grub we had was scrumptious, no plates to lik. At 2 bells, d natives from d Island of ‘Pure Adventure’ Philip, Paddy n Eimear met up n we sailed some new fangled craft, paddle boards, kayaks n Canadian canoes. At 6 bells we was experts; ‘avin fallin off n fallin in d Barrow, ev’n learn’n us to swim. Dey met us on d morrow n we trod ur toes seeking treasure in Clashganny, findin nowt but soggy wind n rain inland. we swopped slickers for wetsuits n sailed d high seas back t Graiguenamanagh Den, found hidden treasure in a hot spring(showers) n slept lik babes, dead to d world till 6 bells. Avast me hearties, me mind is gone, can no rememb wat six made hot curry..eagle, wolf, fox or cobra. Grub cooked n eatn , tired full bellies, we lay on hammocks to dream perhaps to sleep (time out). On d morrow nets were found full of holes, we fixed d nets wit whale tooth, n spent even fishin in Graiguenamanagh town raidin d traders n dey ran, we found treasure for d ‘ung1’s – a pirate playground- spread nets n lay in d sun. D lookout spotted d Spanish Armada outta sea, we new or time on dis Island of Graiguenamanagh was done, we hoisted anchor n set sail wit d stars, storm blew up n driftin off course back to 5th Carlow/Carlow town den to await d call, d wind to change, n follow our capt’n wherever she reigns. Ho, ho. ho, n a bottle of rum (ribena) our new adventure waits on d tide….

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