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National Cub Scout Challenge

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As we arrived in Larchhill in Dublin, we were extremely excited . We found out what site we were going to be at and brought all of our bags up and waited for our trailer to be brought up to our site, we sat patiently . When the trailer came we unloaded it and put everything to do with the tents in a pile where they had to go. All the timber went together and all the kitchen and food pieces together. We were nearly ready to go . We asked a girl that we knew called Lorna, who was judging other groups, where were we meant to go and she told up to go to the bottom where the cars were parked. We waited for the other groups to come . When the other groups came we cut the ribbon and we were off without any leaders.
We unpacked tents and made sure that everyone had their own timber spars and we got to work .Eoin and Alex went off and got some water. Emily and I started on the Icelandic tent. Dean started on the tripods for the entrance. Sean started on the tripod for the first aid. When Alex and Eoin came back with the water, they worked together to make a table.
When Emily and I finished putting up the guide lines, Dean needed help tightening the knots . We threw water on it to tighten the sisal. The judges came over and they asked to see a kit bag for the night. They looked through it and asked where was our raingear? Emily talked to them about the bag. Then they got a map out and Dean did the map while Eoin did the compass. Sean and I answered the first aid questions. Then judges left again.
After that Dean helped Emily with the tent as I tightened the rest of the knots and did the other tripod for the gate. Sean fixed up his tripod for his 1st Aid. Eoin and Alex kept going with their table .
We all took a 10 minute break, put on more sun cream, ate some lunch and drank a lot of water and we set off to work again. Sean moved on to his wash basin holder . I put my fire logs down and started to light the fire using BBQ coals and logs and put the kettle on to get hot water. When the 4 man tent was up and the table was made, I started cooking the food – savoury mince, rice and taco shells for some and chicken and noodles for others. Emily set the table and we all sat down for the food. The judges came in and tasted the food they loved it so much that they came back for more . After that I did the washing, Eoin did the drying and Sean put it away. Emily, Alex and Dean put the food into the cooler boxes and went into the tents and sorted out the sleeping areas .
Dean found water guns (thanks Mammy for hiding them) and filled them up and started to squirt us. We poured the basin of water on him but he dried in minutes in the sun . We had great fun. We went over everything to make sure that it looked good for the judges . We asked our friends from Drogheda on the site next door to come over later for smores. .
The leaders came after 7pm and we went off with our friends from Drogheda whist the leaders made their dinner – the judges had eaten theirs. There was games and the campfire. We sang Country Roads by John Denver and I played the fiddle. All the singing was amazing. After that we had our own fire and had smores with our friends until midnight . The Leaders sent the Drogheda camp home and we went to bed. The 4 boys slept in the Icelandic tent, the leaders slept in the 4 man tent that we put and we slept in a 2 man tent that the Leaders put up when they arrived.
In the morning we had breakfast and had packed up before 11 o’clock. We were gone and you wouldn’t have known that we were ever there. We went to the award ceremony. They called up group names who received bronze and then those who got silver and we clapped for everyone but we still were not called – we must be getting gold. Then 3rd place was called and it wasn’t Clara or it wasn’t Drogheda. We were both happy for each other as we knew that we had done great. 2nd was called and it was us . I went up for our gold badges and certificate. We all got pictures together and pictures with the Chief Scout.
We left to go home and to stop into Applegreen with massive smiles on our faces as we stuffed our ourselves with food. It was the best of weekends.

Doireann Oman – Sixer, Chef and Fiddle Player
Dean Broderick – Seconder and Site Engineer
Emily Flemming – Department of Housing
Eoin O’Hara – Navigator
Sean Coady – First Aid Officer
Alex Carey Goulart – Games Consultant

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