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The Phoenix Challenge | Day 1

From Rory

After sleepless nights of preparations from both Scouts and Scouters, The Phoenix Challenge is well underway. In the wonderfully aesthetic setting of Stormont, Belfast, it’s bound to be one of the best one’s yet. With the site build about to begin, tensions are high and everyone’s just hoping the rain stays away!!

All our preparations for months have led to this weekend. It’s Thursday evening and the site build is well underway. After nearly 90 patrols checked in and assembled, it was time for the opening ceremony. The atmosphere was full of nerves but also of great excitement. Then it began…

The race to get sites up. Tents and gadgets galore. We caught up with a few Scouts to hear about their experience so far

DAY 1 – Site Build; A Patrol Leader’s Perspective

Today we began with the race to get our sites up and organised. We had practiced pitching and taking down our tents and constructing our numerous gadgets in our scout hall, during the past months, to help prepare us for the event. I had to attend a Patrol Leader meeting in our Sub-Camp tent shortly after the beginning of the site build this afternoon. It was nice to know that the subcamp staff are there to help, it really helped to calm my nerves as it is my first time on a Phoenix as PL. Everyone in my patrol knew their jobs for today and we surprisingly managed to get our whole site up with time to spare. We are getting ready for our test meal now so having the site up and done has eased us of a lot of stress.


Richie, from Cork


DAY 1 – Test Meal;

“With this year’s theme being “Eureka”, we figured our best way to prepare for our test meals was to practice basic recipes like Curry, Stews or Pasta and try be creative with it or add our own little twists of spices and herbs!” says Katie from Dublin. “As the designated chef in our patrol, I decided to practice some random recipes and cook for the patrol. I looked at what made each meal nutritious and of course delicious before deciding what ways we could best keep our diet as balanced as possible. I guess on the bright side everyone seemed to enjoy the food, in particular the desserts. I just hope the markers like how we have adapted the recipes and all of our test meals are successful. After all we didn’t win “Best Meal” on our County Shield for nothing!”

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