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ALL HANDS ON DECK – Scouts and Leaders from the 21st/71st Cork (Mayfield) group who opened up their scout hall during the height of Hurricane Ophelia, prepared meals and delivered them to many elderly residents in the area.

The 21st/71st Cork Scout Group have certainly earned praise from many quarters after they came out to help and assist many elderly residents living quite close to the scout centre.  The whole area was without power and many had been depending on the meals and wheels.  Many had no way of even making a cup of tea and one gentleman that they called upon was in his electric chair and could not move.  Speaking with Olga Long she said that it was most gratifying to be able to help out and assist and very good for some of the youth members to help out and assist.  She said that from the youngest age they are told that as a scout they are expected to do at least one good deed every day. Well,

DELIVERY AFTER HURRICANE OPHELIA – Rover Scout Emma Long delivering sandwiches to residents at Kellehers Building in Mayfield after the winds had died down.

SCOUT GOOD DEED – Cub Scout Leader Olga Long from the 71st Cork (Mayfield) group helping a neighbour close to the Mayfield Scout Hall during the height of Hurricane Ophelia.

SOUP AND SANDWICHES – The Mayfield Scouts delivered soup and sandwiches to many households in the area during Hurricance Ophelia as seen here at Harrington Buildings,

they certainly shone for two days here.  As they called to each of the residents they told them that the Scout Hall would also be open the following day for warm food and eats and many availed of the service.  The atmosphere was quite extraordinary with some staying for a few hours.  They even managed to borrow a wheelchair and collected the gentleman with the electric chair.


The scout group had put a posting on facebook which was seen by Prestige Catering group who responded and came up trumps by delivering quite a substantial amount of food to the scouts for them to distribute.  The Chief Scout Christy McCann said he was heartened and proud of what the Mayfield Scouts had done.  Cork were certainly to the fore and I applaud them for what they have done and achieved.

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