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Lough Dan Tree Museum

The Tree Museum
Lough Dan has just set up its 2.5 km interactive nature trail around the perimeter of the site. Titled The Tree Museum the idea was inspired by Joni Mitchel’s 1970 hit song “Big yellow Taxi” (Zef our camp chief makes no bones about being an aging hippy). The trail takes you around a FANTASTIC mosaic of different habitats on the site and in particular through our AMAZING native woodland with trees that are hundreds of years old.

On the trail you get a chance to make bird and bat boxes, as well as insect hotels, learn about evolution and how species adapt, go bug hunting and use your smart phone as portal to the real world and of course we have included information on the effects of climate change both here on the campsite as well as where you live. The trail with over 20 activities also includes a bird hide for bird watching, Swanaboree (a bit like canyoning up the Avonmore River) and incorporates our Charles Darwin eco-base.

At Lough Dan our main activity is Scout Camping as we see this as a great way to reconnect kids with nature. We believe that contact with nature is one of the key elements in creating environmental awareness. With a camp motto of “Pitch & Get Out” we have included a wild camping site along the trail with FABULOUS views over the Wicklow Mountains National Park and the surrounding area which forms the focus of our program. Near a badger set it is the perfect place to camp and hear the WONDERFUL dawn chorus in May or see the INCREDIBLE spectacle of blue bells in the spring.

Lough Dan Scout Eco-Park…Where nature and nurture meet. See our website www.loughdan.com for info and to make an online booking.

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