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Glanworth Cubs learn the art of making Hiking Stave

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Glanworth Cubs 105th Scout Group

Over the past few weeks Glanworth cubs have been learning new backwoods skills to help along their scouting journey.  First on the agenda was campfire and fire safety. Once a cub can light a campfire they will never be cold or hungry on a camp or hike.  While understanding fire safety and how to treat burns or cuts is just as important and is a lifetime skill.

So with these skills on hand Glanworth cubs set off to Kilworth woods on a day hike to collect hazel or birch saplings for their Hiking Stave (walking stick) project.

On the day cubs were accompanied by members of Glanworth Stick Makers namely Liam Lawton, David Gill and Attie Wilson.

They show cubs where to look for saplings, type of sapling to cut and how to use handsaws tools. This was a very enjoyable day and the cubs loved getting hands on. When we had enough saplings collected it was back to the riverbank where they put their campfire skills to the test.  Leaders brought soup and sausages which were cooked on site and everyone enjoyed the hot snack. Before leaving cubs played some games and made a shelter.

At our next cub night they got down to business straight away choosing their own staves and started by sanding away any knots or bums. Next each stave was adjusted to the correct height and bored so a looped braid or rope could be added.  Then each cub got to decorate the top of staves with their name or personal symbols. This was a very productive night and to see the concentration on the cubs while their work amongst dust and shavings was a joy watch. Each cub then took home their stave and told to varnish them for the following week by Attie.

So on Monday night last leaders were surprised and astonished the end results.  The cubs had completed their varnishing tasks and added their own little ideas. This was truly a great project and now each cub has a lifetime walking buddy with their new hiking stave. Leaders would like to say a big thank you to members of Glanworth Stick Makers for all their help with this project.

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