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The 109th Cork (Ballinora) Scout Group set off at the end of March for annual group camp to Mount Melleray. Never without smiles, laughter and fun, the trip lived up to and surpassed all expectations.

Our Scouts, Macaoimhs and Venture Scouts began the weekend by taking part in an African Drumming workshop. Plenty of the youth members found their own rhythm which rang out through the corridors of Melleray for the evening.

Saturday morning epitomizes our trip to Melleray with fantastic exciting programmes for all sections and the arrival of our Beaver Scouts.

Easter egg hunts, ziplining, backwoods cooking and hiking put plenty of smiles on the faces of our youngest members. The Macaoimh headed to Glenshelane for the annual boat race and world renowned sausages cooked by Dan. A great day out was had  by all. Venture scouts set up the traditional commando course which embraced all that the woods had to offer. The scouts enjoyed the fresh water temperatures and clean dirt of the woods. Well done to the dedicated venture scouts who assisted the scouts with this adventure.

A Traditional campfire on Saturday night was led by Scouter Máire Fitzgerald. Plenty of appropriate sketches, action songs and chants  reached high volumes with the moon beaming down on all our youth members.

Our Sunday morning ‘Scouts Own’ service led by our venture scouts was more than appropriate, symbolic of our community spirit and how teamwork makes us all stronger together. This brought a meaningful close to our weekend followed by the presentation of the renowned mossy boot award to Maeve, Cara and Clodagh. Well done girls for your identifiable teamwork, participation and fun over our action packed weekend.

Thank you to all our Scouters over the weekend who enjoyed greatly facilitating our youth members to enjoy their annual group camp.

I LOVE MUD – Macaoimh Luke Keohane attempts the commando course during the annual camp for the 109th Cork (Ballinora)

COMMANDO COURSE – Scouts from the 109th Cork (Ballinora) at Mount Melleray during their annual group camp.
From Left, Eva, Daniel, Luke, Jill and Muireann.

LEADING THE WAY – Scout Eva Murphy leads the way through the commando course during the 109th Cork (Ballinora) group camp at Mount Melleray.

BALLINORA SCOUTS STAY WARM – Venture Scouts from the 109th Cork (Ballinora) at Mount Melleray from left, Andrew, Dylan, Seán, Grainne, Cian and Aidan take a well earned break during the commando course at Mount Melleray.

BALLINORA AT MOUNT MELLERAY – The 109th Cork (Ballinora) finished off the month of March with their annual stay at the Mount Melleray Scout Centre.

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