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Ronnie Coates Gone Home

It is with sadness and regret I announce the passing of my good old friend Ronnie Coates (1936-2018). I wrote an article about him in Inside Out a few years ago about when as a 13 year old scout from Bray he took part in the largest organised joke played on the new Chief Scout of the British Commonwealth and Empire, Lord Rowallan by Lord Powerscourt when he came to visit in 1946. Hundreds of scouts including Ronnie hid in the Haw-Haw (sunken road) which crosses the parkland immediately in front of Powerscourt House. Lord Powerscourt escorted his visitor out the front door to meet “the Irish Scouts” but the scouts were nowhere to be seen. At a sudden whistle signal aproximately 600 scouts leapt up from hiding yelling and hooping to welcome the Chief and presumably nearly frightened the kilt off of him!.

Please remember Ronnie Coates who has gone home at our Remembrance Service in June at Larch Hill.

Thank you
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