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Sunday the 19th of August marked the first step for the Communications Team in Scouting Ireland.

Scouting Ireland will be re-structuring to separate ‘the board’ from ‘the management’. Communications will be a department in this new structure and play a vital role in supporting groups and national teams in the future. In the next few months we need to design a strong communications department for Scouting Ireland.

Last Sunday we held a workshop with existing members of the communications team to see what we’ve learned over the past number of years. As well as reviewing, we also looked at how to best build the team sustainably and create more mentoring opportunities.

We didn’t have to look for for inspiration. Outside where we were working there were over 100 patrols competing in The Phoenix Challenge. These patrols were made from six to eight scouts with one leader, assistant leader and the rest played their part to pitch tents, build structures and take part in the challenges set by the team organising the event.

In our upcoming structure we’ll be using the patrol system as well. We’re not going to use patrols of scouts camping. We will have s patrol for social media, taking photos and videos, and speaking on behalf of Scouting.

While they’re not set in stone, we’re currently looking at forming patrols for:

  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Design
  • News
  • Spokespeople & Ambassadors
  • Digital
  • Social Media
  • Photo & Video
  • County/Group Support & Feedback
  • Team & Event Liaisons

Like the Scouts that were busy dismantling their campsites outside each patrol will have:

  • A Patrol Leader / Project Manager
  • An Assistant Patrol Leader
  • A Scribe / Secretary
  • Patrol Members
  • It’s important to note at this point that one of the strengths of the patrol system is how it fosters personal development and leadership. Patrols should be a mix of ages, genders and proficiencies. We’re not just about getting the job done. How it gets done will be as important.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be creating role descriptions for each patrol. Soon after this we’ll be able to hold an open call for what should be a very exciting team!

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